Back when blogging was the thing to do

Below was my very first blog post written a long time ago as you can see. These things take time and most of my clients know me professionally and personally because I am so honest behind the chair. Savvy is about building relationships and being creative. I am going to take some time a deliver you some blogs on some fun stuff. We hope you love our website as much as the salon and want to read what we post. We do it for you.

Blog post 1 31st august 2015

I have often thought about putting my passion on paper. I am twenty something now and life is good. I like many women love to work and have a roaring passion for my job. I own a hairdressing business called Savvy Hairdressing in a small town called Waroona where I grew up; I have been in the beauty industry for a lucky 13 years now.
I have a beautiful daughter Imogen she is five year’s old who I want to make a strong independent person I go to work to show my girl that dreams come true if you work hard and create a plan. Nothing comes to those who wait for it. My partner Ben is so supportive of my goal’s, I was in a toxic relationship where I was drowning and loosing myself, now I can gladly say that phase of my life is done and never coming back.

Just to clarify what I am passionate about, I love making people feel and look beautiful. Evolving my skills and teaching my staff and client’s about the industry I work in makes me feel so proud. The day’s where my client’s tell me how they nailed the curling technique I taught them is a victory for me. Every client that sits in my chair leaves with a little be more sass than they walked in with.

BRIDES ‘Oh for the love of bride’s!’
Bridal hair and makeup make’s my brain do backflip’s, it is so rewarding working with brides. Some time’s it is tough but the pleasure in the final product makes all the pain worth it. I believe a bride should be the most beautiful version of themselves and I gladly work with them to achieve the look they want.
A client once said to me ‘Your work is amazing, I can show you a picture and you can recreate it perfectly suited to me. I can describe a hairstyle and you understand what I am talking about.’ Communication is so important when you are working with people. I am very lucky I can talk to people and they trust me because I am educated and I love what I do.
Education and knowledge keep’s me passionate I am always learning and striving for more. To be in this industry and be open to change is what will keep me on trend and on top of my hair game because the minute you stop learning is when you stand still and nothing stand’s still in the beauty industry.
Putting my passion on paper is important to me and a new passion of mine because I feel like I need to document some of my past achievement’s and live in the present but also get excited for the future.

After reading all my previous blog posts it is mind blowing to become aware just how much has changed since I started writing them. 30 something now, a two year old and an 8 year old. Those posts will get stored on a hard drive and some time I will post snippets for you.

My passion for this industry has only grown and just last week I had a beautiful client say to ‘you just get it’ and you know what I really do. I believe in finding the perfect hairdresser and I am not the perfect hairdresser for everyone but myself and my team love what we do get such reward when our clients love themselves in the mirror, most of the time it’s our clients who are perfect for us!!

Till next time.

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